Photographic coverage of expeditions to mount Aconcagua and
others by normal routes

Service description
The offer aims to the production of a comprehensive photographic
coverage of an expedition, from the arrival of the expeditionaries to the
city of Mendoza until their departure.

Produced in a documentary/photojournalistic style of professional   standards.

Coverage of all situations experienced during the adventure: transport,   check-ins, city of Mendoza, approach walks, meals, life inside the tent,   acclimatization ascents, rests, portering, talks, landscapes, altitude camps   ascents, summit day, joy or sadness scenes, exhaustion, recovery, return,   farewell, departure, etc.

Achieving a unique and unrepeatable record of a remarkable adventure.

Delivery of a CD/DVD containing all high resolution images for the   expeditionaries to print them in their origin countries or distribute them for   press or promotion purposes (certain copyright terms apply).

Delivery of a CD/DVD containing the photographic history edited in a   multimedia slideshow presentation ideal to be shared with family and   friends, or to carry out presentations through a projector before a specific   audience, like mountain clubs or similar associations.

Pablo Betancourt (30) is a mountain specialized photographer, holding his base in the province of Mendoza, which further promotes logistics and allows a competitive price against European photographers. He has worked for several years as a press photographer for Los Andes newspaper (the most important paper of Mendoza) and La Nación (the most prestigious newspaper in Argentina). He performed duties as a photographer for the national magazine Rumbos, covering nature and mountain themes. He is coauthor of the one and only adventure guide of the province “Mendoza, adventure paths”, from Caviar Bleu Editorial. He is currently working in the making of a new guide, which includes a compilation of the highest hills of Mendoza.

For quotations and availability during the season, please contact directly Pablo Betancourt via e-mail:


- Rodríguez 368 Cdad. 5500 Mendoza. Argentina.